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Image by Annie Spratt
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Urban Tikkun Centre

A Space for Racial Healing

“We need much more than a political revolution; we also need a moral cultural, and spiritual revolution – an awakening to the diginity and value of each and every one of us no matter who we are, where we came from, of what we’ve done…. It is this revolutionary spirit – a revolutionary love for all people and for life itself—that will ultimately determine our collective fate.”

-Michelle Alexander

News & Events

“The American Dream is not dying, but deepening. The murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr., has brought us to this moment of Truth. Recognition of this truth has never been more essential as we struggle to respond with collective strength and compassionate action to the event of May 25 2020.”

-H. Malcolm Newton

Racism is a public health crisis

Join Us

We are also looking at ways to create a more equitable community, one where everyone feels welcome, heard, safe and supported.

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