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The Dream Center

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The Dream Center is a place for shaping the next generation of Entrepreneurs
and Social Entrepreneurs within the Black Communities of America. We believe
that not only is social entrepreneurship a pathway to financial success, but more
importantly, it empowers individuals, revitalizes communities and acts as an
agent of change, gives hope and opportunity.


Social entrepreneurship is the process of recognizing and resourcefully pursuing
opportunities to create social values. “What business entrepreneurs are to the
economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change.”


The Narrative:

A close examination of wealth in the U.S. finds evidence of staggering racial
disparities. The Brookings Institution tells us that “Centuries of discrimination
and exploitation have left American Blacks much poor than white Americans.
The median white household has a net worth 10 times that of the median black
household. If black households held a share of the National wealth proportion
to their share of the U.S. population, it would amount to $12.68 trillion in
household wealth, rather than the actual sum of $2.54 trillion. The total racial
wealth gap, therefore, is $10.14 trillion.” Racial Healing and Economics go hand
in hand. You cannot talk about racial healing without talking about economics.


Our Dream Center is finding a way to closing the racial wealth gap in North
America. The New School of Entrepreneurship is a newly formed coalition and
partnership committed to support and growth of Black and African communities
working to transform Black economies across Colorado. Addressing the
barriers to community and economic development, Black Business growth,
wealth creation, and financial protections in the African American communities.
We are committed to social and economic justice for African American
communities. The New School of Entrepreneurship was created to increase
capacity and sustainability for Black Owned businesses. We support and believe
in the unique experiences, strengths, talents, and opportunities presented by
our communities in Colorado.
















The New School of Entrepreneurship is guided by four core values.
They are:

1. Creativity
2. Entrepreneurial quality
3. Social impact of the idea
4. Ethical fiber

They draw upon the best thinking in both the business and non-profit worlds to
develop strategies that maximize their social impact. Students will craft
innovative approaches to addressing critical social needs within their own
communities. These student entrepreneurial leaders operate in all kinds of
organizations: large and small; new and old; religious and secular, non-profit,
and hybrid. These organizations comprise the “social sector.”


Social entrepreneurship in modern society offers an altruistic form of
entrepreneurship that focuses on the benefits that society may reap. Because
the world of social entrepreneurship is relatively new. There are many
challenges facing those who delve into the field.


Social Entrepreneurship is an approach by individuals, groups, start-up
companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement
solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues using the triple bottom line
approach (People, Profit and Planet).


We are looking for students that want to advance their careers – unprecedented
vantage point offers unparalleled access to world – changing entrepreneurs.


We offer certificate programs the following areas:
Certificate in Global Business
Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Certificate in International Trade
Certificate in Ethics in International Trade
Certificate in Global Cross-Cultural Communication

Certificate in Capital Venture and Fundraising
Certificate in Business Finance
Certificate in International Contracting
Certificate in U.S. Export Control
Certificate in Developing your Export strategy.
Certificate in International Law and Intellectual Property Rights
Certificate in ABCD of Community Development
Certificate in Community Demographic and Social Analysis
Certificate in Digital Marketing
Certificate in Grant Writing
Certificate in Forming Board of Directors
Certificate in Import Logistics
Certificate in Understanding The World Economy: Systems Thinking for
International Business Leaders
Certificate in Understanding the Triple Bottom Line (People, Profit and Planet)
Certificate in Urban Sustainability
Certificate in Solar Energy
Certificate in Wind Application
Certificate in Osha
Certificate in Energy Auditing
Certificate in Renewable Energy
Certificate in Basic Computer Skills
Certificate in Career Development and Resume Building
Certificate in How to Make Money
Certificate in Homeownership
Certificate in filing Taxes with the IRS
“Practical Training with real-world application”

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