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What We Do


The Urban Tikkun Centre convenes and implements national development projects and conferences on “Racial Healing”, education, research, social entrepreneurship and 

peace building.

We created the Urban Tikkun Centre to serve as a catalyst for mending and healing urban communities through spiritual, mental, moral and ethical transformation.The Centre is designed to function as an interfaith spiritual center and provide guidance, programs, workshops and strength for the African American people. 


Our mission is to alleviate poverty, revitalize black communities, and provide African American people with the capacity and spiritual strength to achieve their dreams. A very important part of our mission is to provide good people with opportunities to learn business skills and to contribute positively to society through what we call the "Triple Bottom Line" approach to Profit, People and Planet (their own communities) who only needed that chance and empowerment, which they may not otherwise receive, thereby helping to mend and heal our world.

Systemic racism is a complex issue that affects all facets of our society; institutions and individuals can unknowingly promote or support racist practices.

Our Mission

“You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.”

-Grace Lee Boggs

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