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Who We Are

The Urban Tikkun Centre is non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit that promotes an innovative value-based approach to African American racial healing in North America. UTC is guided by the vision of Racial Healing for African Americans in North America. UTC engages and organizes a national network of public and private sector partners who develop community, national and regional racial healing models as the foundation for ethical and cohesive societies.

The Urban Tikkun Centre affirms the importance of universally recognized principles and shared values as essential to building social cohesion within the nation. We believe a shared future is within our reach, and that our shared identity and common aspirations as members of the human family establish the basis for sustainable healing. Social Cohesion refers to the extent of connectedness and solidarity among groups in society. It identifies two main dimensions: the sense of belonging to a community and the relationship among members within the community itself.

We are living in a challenging world, one that confronts us every day with tests
of grace. Indeed, the very threads of our moral, ethical and spiritual fabric
are constantly pulled and stretched to their limits. Believe me, I know! But
God never gives us challenges we cannot handle and it is in these times that I
find inspiration and compassion for helping those most in need and in healing our
communities. It is also in this most challenging of times that we have found
inspiration in the ancient Hebrew philosophy of “Tikkun” and have begun to
advance its primary tenants of mending, healing, repairing and transforming our
society and Earth.


Core Values

  • All people have intrinsic value, dignity and fundamental rights as endowed by the Creator.

  • African Americans have their highest attribute: a spiritual and moral essence.

  • Our human nature finds its fullest expression in its history and meaning in relations to others.

  • African Americans develop their innate potential through their choices and actions.

  • Freedom and responsibility are intrinsically linked.

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